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CLEP Testing: A Huge Advantage

Published: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Updated: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 10:09


     As the semester has just taken off some of you may be thinking: "Why am I in this class?" or "I already know this stuff!" Rest assured, fellow students: there is a way out!

     For students who find themselves ready to pass a class with ease, there is something called CLEP testing—The College Level Examination Program. CLEP is a credit-by-examination program that allows student to pass introductory courses with full credits and move onto their major courses. You can save time and money by taking a 90-minute long computer examination. CLEP offers 34 different examinations and the schedule is found on the WPU website by simply typing CLEP into the search bar.

     It costs only $90 to take a CLEP test. One of the best features about is that there is no limit as to how many times you can take it before passing, but there are limits on the number of tests taken per day. An extra $10 is added for each essay if one is included.

     You have the option to register on line and pay on line depending on your preference and each CLEP test is to be paid for individually.

     For example, if you are fluent in a language and want to get your language requirements out of the way, CLEP testing would help you get past the course so you don't have to waste time learning about something you already know.

     Of 10 students asked randomly if they knew about CLEP, only two answered in the affirmative. "I always thought we had to take each general class," replied freshman Corina Araneda when she heard about CLEP. "I never knew that!"

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